Punching Machines

KW Tools offers a wide range of punching machines. All of our Nitto products have their own characteristics that can meet the different challenges demanded in the industry

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Nitto HS06-1322 Portable punching machine

Applicable for both mild steel and stainless steel punching Allowable max pressure - 700kgf Hole...

Nitto HS07-1624 Punching machine

-Puncher HS11-1624 comes with Pump HPD-05 and standard accessories. -Portable Hydraulic Puncher is used is...

HS11-1624 Portable punching machine

Suitable for steel and stainless steel (anti-vibration) Double acting Fast, safe and quiet easy to...

Nitto HPD-05 Hydraulic Pump for our Punching Machines.


complete set for punching

Information:  HS06-1322 Information:  HS07-1624 Information:  HS11-1624  Information:  SC14M  Information:  HPD05    


kw tools provide multiple lengths of hoses usable for Nitto products

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