Nitto HS07-1624 Punching machine

Nitto HS07-1624 Punching machine

New design adopted for punching stainless steel.

-Puncher HS11-1624 comes with Pump HPD-05 and standard accessories.
-Portable Hydraulic Puncher is used is to quickly make a hole – round as well as elongated – through steel.
-It can be used on both Mild Steel as well as Stainless Steel.
-The punching action is quick and it does not take more than 12 seconds to make a single Punch.
-A Hydraulic Pump HPD-05 comes along with this Puncher.



Max. Punching Thickness:

16 mm

Hole Making Time (Punching):

11.8 sec

Hole Making Time (Returning):

5.7 sec

Allowable Max. Pressure:

68.65 MPa

Max. Punching Diameter:

24 mm

Ram Stroke:

25 mm

Max. Throat Depth:

70 mm

Max. Output:

464 kN