Installation tools

KW Tools offers a wide range of installations tools.

Set Water Pump Pliers WS71012

SET consisting of: Pipe wrench WS7, WS10 and WS10

WG02 series Steel pipe wrench

american model light in weight multiple capacity models available big or small in size (depending...

TRW-U 4 size ratchet 15 angle

For complex or flat locations, the angle can be changed within 15 to ease work....

chain vice

∙ Compact, lightweight, and easy to use. ∙ One vice for fixed-mounting or portable use...

Nitto Elektric Punching Machine

SET of Water Pump Plier and Swedish Pipe Wrenches WS10115

SET consisting of: Pipe wrench WS10 Swedish Pipe Wrenches SPC1 and SPC1.5 Capacity: 10 –...

WS series Water pump plier

Ideal blade shape for tightly fitting onto everything from pipes to hex nuts and plates....

RG series rubber Grip

Attach the grip to the spear part of the ratchet wrench. Easy grasping non-slip, optimal...

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