Installation tools

KW Tools offers a wide range of installations tools.

Plumber universal saw

SRB-A Alu. 2 size ratchet

Ratchet wrench with bent spear suitable for tightening wire. Exclusive type for construction related work....

HSN extension soket

Use a 60 degree offset wrench or ratchet wrench for tightening the nuts and bolts...

NK series Thread rod cutter

Threaded Rod Cutter  The blades, jaws and body are made of alloy steel and completely...

TP Adjustable wrench

 Adjustable Wrench design features flank-drive non slip jaw design, 18% wider jaw opening lightweight geometric...

RND 2 size hinge ratchet

Easy to bend and turn the bolt and nut with one touch. Suitable for assemble...

EUF series Flex deep socket

· 30°neck-swing angle. · Double-nut compatible. · Flower-shaped aperture.

RAB Ratchet thread rod cutter

Designed to cut mild steel threaded rod. Unique die design protects threaded rod from damage...

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