Grooving Machines

With our assortment roll grooving machines and accessories men can make grooving operations on pipes for pipe coupling systems. Our operations provide a high consistent quality. REX guarantees tight and sharp-edged grooves and minimal flaring.

We have several Grooving Machines:

REX Grooving Machine RG-R0

The RG-RO has an anti- slipping device which enables safe, efficient processing Groove Depth is...

REX grooving machine RG-RH

The grooving machine is compact, lightweighted, powerful, and has a large capacity. It is very...

REX Grooving Machine NPG150H

The NPG150H is very Compact & light weighted! The machine has an easy operation with...

REX Light Grooving Machine 150ADX

For on-site and workshop grooving of 1" - 16" Schedule 10 and, 1" - 8"...

REX Grooving Machine GM1

The GM1 is a stationary automatic hydraulic roll grooving machine. It has a large capacity;...

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