Pipe Cutters

A pipe cutter is an essential plumbing tool used by plumbers and DIYers to produce a clean and precise cut to a pipe. Also known as tube cutters or copper pipe cutters, these tools prove faster than using a hacksaw and can also provide a cleaner external cut on the material.

Pipe cutters come in many shapes and sizes, so making sure the cutter is suitable for the material you need cutting before your purchase is important. Pipe cutters can be used to cut a range of pipe materials, including copper, steel, brass and plastic pipes

MP Vinyl Pipe cutter

The KTS range is designed for cutting most plastic pipes up to 50mm outside diameter....


- Victor plastic hose / Pipe Shears - Suitable for almost all PVC, rubber, Vinyl...

MP Vinyl Pipe cutter

PCRT23 Ratchet tube cutter CU

The ratchet mechanism enables cutting in tight spaces such as where the wall and pipes...


We cut quickly just to put steel lumber to circle blade, and to go down....

1702FS – Flexible INOX tube stripper

For cutting flexible gas pipes and stripping coatings. Ideal for peeling off the outer layer...

Doctor bolt thread repair tool

Pipe cutter 335U

Equipped with HSS cutting blades type Z1906U with 4 rollers Complete with deburrer suitable for...

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