Cap with eccentric hole in sizes from 80mm x 40mm (3" x 1½") to 200mm x 50mm (8" x 2")

Caps with eccentric hole are used at the end of the groove pipeline connection, which would close the pipeline accordingly. The female threads of NPT or BSP are in the caps, and the center of the female threads is different from the center of the pipeline.

300PX Cap with Eccentric Hole are in sizes from 80mm x 40mm (3″ x 1½”) to 200mm x 50mm (8″ x 2″) created with Ductile Iron finished with red paint or galvanised



Size range: 

DN80 x DN40 to DN200 x DN50 (3" x 1½" to 8" x 2

Maximum working pressure

Up to 34.4 bar (500 psi)*


Ductile Iron


Red painted or Galvanised


FM Approved, UL Listed