Grooved concentric reducer in sizes from 32mm x 25mm (1¼" x 1") to 100mm x 80mm (4"x3")

This product is used for the connection of straight lines in the pipeline, connecting two threaded tubes with different dimensions.

the 240 Grooved Concentric Reducer has a size range from DN32 x DN25 to DN250 x DN200 (1¼” x 1″ to 4″x3″, created with  Ductile Iron finished with red paint or galvanised




Size range:     

DN32 x DN25 to DN250 x DN200 (1¼" x 1" to 4"x3")

Maximum working pressure:

Up to 34.4 bar (500 psi)*


 Ductile Iron


Red painted or Galvanised


FM Approved, UL Listed, VdS