The NP80AV is a machine that gives you the best finish you've ever seen!

Based on a totally new concept, the NP80AV is designed to be user-friendly, easily maintained and completely reliable. A machine you can really trust.

Easy to use, high productivity, excellent portability.

A machine that give you total control and satisfaction on the job.

REX threading machine NP80AV

  • Capacity 3” – Very user friendly, ready to use
  • Easy to use, high productive, excellent portable – 67 kg
  • Pipe size can be adjuisted by a turning lever nut
  • Thread length can be adjusted by changing the lever
  • Article number 854500034



Threading capacity:

½”-3”, standard ½-2” NVP Auto die head

Motor Voltage:

110-120V - 220-230V (50/60Hz)

Motor power:

Input 1600W Output 1000W

Speed rpm:

29 (rotation speed unloaded)

Dimension mm:

690x(L) x 490(W) x 423(H) + legs

Standard accessory:

Carbon brush set, cutting oil 2 ltr

Standard accessory:

Case hex key wrenches, dies ½”-3/4”, 1”-2”, 2½”-3”

Standard accessory:

Foot switch