N100A: Efficient 3-speed transmission speeds up your work

It is less than 100 seconds to make a perfect 4″ pipe taper thread. And it is less than 20 seconds for a 1″ pipe taper thread.

For the Uni-auto Die Head for 1/2 – 2″ pipes, the dies are compatible with NP50AV/NP80AV Manual Die Heads and Uni-auto Die Heads.

The profiling Die Head for 2 1/2 – 4″ pipes, the Rex Original profiling system enables precise, straight tapers, with 20mm dies performing at higher speed and requiring less power consumption.

The N100A is a quick adjustable cutter. The machine works quiet and has a maintenance-free condenser motor.

More adventages:

  • Built-in tool box is convenient for on-site work;
  • Large-capacity scrap catcher;
  • Threading size, thread length, and microfine adnustment of thread diameter can all be adjusted easily;
  • Compact and lightweight for its class (123 kg), it can be set up by just two people;
  • NV-auto and Manual Die Heads an be mounted as options.

REX threading machine N100A

  • Capacity 4” – Very efficient, 3 speed threading machine
  • Easy to use, very fast, high productive machine – 123 kg
  • Uni die head ½”-2” and Profiling die head 2½”-4”
  • Thread length can be adjusted by changing the lever
  • Compatible die heads with other Rex models
  • Tool box holder built in
  • Article number 854500037


Rex threading machine N100A

Threading capacity:

¼”-4”, standard ½-2” Uni die head


Profiling die head 2½”-4”

Motor Voltage:

110-120V - 220-230V (50/60Hz)

Motor power:

Input 750W Output 1000W (condenser motor, low noice)

Speed rpm:

13 – 24 - 43 (rotation speed unloaded)

Dimension mm:

873x(L) x 635(W) x 558(H) + legs

Standard accessory:

Cutting oil 4 ltr

Standard accessory:

Case hex key wrenches, dies ½”-3/4”, 1”-2”, 2½”-4”

Standard accessory:

Foot switch