The NR50AV is a best seller among Compact Machines!

The REX treading machine NR50AV is a small but powerful machine with a 700 W series Motor. It is easy to use, it has a high productivity, an excellent portability, because it only weights 48 kg.

The pipe size can be adjusted simply by turning the lever nut.

Thread length can be adjusted by just changing the lever contact. (except for the Manual Die Head)

NR50AV support #300 die heads and dies!

REX threading machine NR50AV

  • Capacity 2” – Small compact machine, ready to use
  • Supports Ridgid #300 die heads and dies
  • Easy to use, high productive, excellent portable – 48 kg
  • Pipe size can be adjuisted by a turning lever nut
  • Thread length can be adjusted by changing the lever
  • Article number 854500022



Threading capacity:

¼-2”, standard ½-2” NVP auto diehead

Motor Voltage:

110-120V - 220-230V (50/60Hz)

Motor power:

700W (Input 1,6kW Output 1 kW)

Speed rpm:

39 (rotation speed unloaded)

Dimension mm:

700x(L) x 440(W) x 408(H) + legs

Standard accessory:

Carbon brush set, cutting oil 2 ltr

Standard accessory:

Case hex key wrenches, dies ½”-3/4”, 1”-2”

Standard accessory:

Foot switch