Carbide tipped holesaw set

Mandrels / Center drills

DF Carbide Tipped holesaw

- 2 pcs set carbide tip teeth - Large range of applicable surfaces - For...

278 Carbide tipped holesaw

-Carbide tip teeth - Long life time - Clean sharp cut - Possible to resharp...

PLD250 TCT Holesaw

- Carbide tip - With safety stopper - Tip form 3 ply. - Tip width...

FS22L Carbide tipped holesaw

Carbide tip teeth - Long type - With safety stopper - Cutting tip form 2...

02 series Step drill HSS-Co

Chain vice with stand 1/8-6″

Lightweight and portable with a large top working area. Features: Built-in chain vise Pipe bending...

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